Construction Division

Buildings. Roads. Bridges. Riverbanks. Protection works. Land developments.

Airport Division

VHF Communication. AMHS. DVOR. DME. ILS. GNSS Signal Monitoring system. GBAS. PSR(ASR)/SSR. VCCS. ADS-B. RADAR.

Power Division

 Distribution Lines. Power plant equipment and spare supplies. Power plants.

About Us

AKE Limited is proudly positioning itself in exclusivity and excellence among its range. It is one of the fastest growing conglomerate holding majority strength of Power sector, Airport division and Construction industries having others supportive work capabilities with successful recognition.

AKE Limited follows their 3 steps rule – Think, Design, Build. As they take it their mainstream theory, they set it their moto. Thinking out of the box is AKE Limited’s most hard grip to the industry. Our way of thinking, solving problems, making something new which can solve many purposes at once….

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Our Major Clients

We take no time to feel proud when we showcase our pride clients. We successfully served big apple clients in local and international arena. Most importantly we have served and enlisted ourselves to some important and progressive bodies of government of Bangladesh.  We feel really responsible for our clients and our people whom we serve to make betterment institutionally and individually.

We would like to introduce our clients by their names. Please follow our clientele page by clicking here.


AKE Limited has successfully completed projects in many different industries and scopes and has global scale of capabilities to finish projects in the following sectors:

  • Navigation & Surveillance Service
  • Supply ATM Product’s (DVOR, ILS, NDB, VCCS, VHF, FIDS, etc)
  • Electro Mechanical Equipment Supply
  • Large scale residential developments
  • Infrastructure and civil works
  • Bridges
  • Hospitals
  • Silo
  • Roads & Highways
  • Extensions and Renovations